Granulation & Size Control
Low Pressure Extrusion (a wet extrusion process) is used for fine chemical powders or pharmaceutical formulations into granules. In this way dust, poor flow properties and segregation are avoided. This Low Pressure wet extrusion principle is commonly used for converting all kinds of industrial chemicals or pharmaceutical formulations into granules of a uniform shape and size. By shaping these fine chemical powders or formulations into granules, a lot of process problems, inherent to the physical properties - dust, flow properties and segregation may be the most prominent - can be avoided. Low Pressure Extrusion and Spheronizing can solve many problems encountered in dry granulation. More information about the different techniques used in a complete process of Wet Granulation by Extrusion and a subsequent Spheronization step can be found below.

Containment & packaging
DG Pro-Tec offers the (Bio-)Pharmaceutical and other demanding high tech industries advanced solutions for engineered containment and packaging needs. These containment, process and operator protection systems will be selected and further developed, based on the required OEL or containment level, the REACH requirement, the frequency and the ease of use and first of all: an in-depth analysis with the customer of all the requirements, the cGMP aspects, exposure levels and operational conditions. The process containment solutions will be designed in close collaboration with premium partners: Flow Sciences International and ILC Dover.