Continuous Kneading

The first requirement for producing extruded material is to form a uniformly mixed and well plasticized mass of material.

To accomplish this task, Fuji Paudal offers a series of batch and continuous kneaders with design features depending upon the application and selected extrusion technology.

The Fuji Paudal kneaders consist of two counter rotating blades. Due to the mechanical action of these blades on the wetted material, the liquid will film-coat the dry powder particles.

This increases the plasticity of the paste and makes extrusion easier.

Working Principle
Kneading blades on the twin shafts rotate inward, premixing the dry powder and transporting it toward the outlet at the end of the barrel. Liquid is accurately introduced into the moving dry powder. The special kneading blades produce plasticized wet dough, making this device ideal for wet granulation processes.