The QJ-400T Marumerizer™ from Fuji paudal is a pilot scale / small production spheronizer which converts wet pellets into spheres.

The Marumerizer™ is comprised of three main components: a vertical cylinder with discharge port, a circular "friction" plate and a variable speed drive train which turns the plate. 
The feed material to the spheronizer can be extruded particles or moist granules from a mixer/granulator. Since an extruded particle has at least two dimensions already defined, a narrow final particle size distribution is possible.
Particles are fed onto the spinning friction plate, which throws them against the inside wall of the cylinder. Extruded particles are quickly broken into segments approximately one diameter long. Centrifugal and gravitational forces create a mechanically fluidized ring of particles. Collisions with the wall, friction plate and other particles result in the plastic deformation of each granule, quickly creating a spherical shape. The desired shape for a specific application is time and formulation dependent and is achieved, predictably and repeatedly, in a brief period called the "spheronization time".