Radial Extrusion
Radial Extrusion general

Radial screw extruders use semi-cylindrical screens along each side of the counter rotating screws, combined with, more or less, conical extrusion heads. The trajectory of the extrusion blades on these heads can either intermesh (EXR) or not (EXD). Typical for the radial extruders is that they have "overflow", which means that a certain amount of product passes the extrusion area without being pushed through the screens. This overflow material leaves the machine at the front end. Compared to other extruder technologies, these radial extruders produce granules with a medium density and medium hardness. Temperature raises up to 60 øC are normal and the screen openings range from 0.7 to 2.0 mm. Radial extruders can be equipped with water cooling.