Containment Solutions - Powder Granulation and Extrusion

DG Pro-Tec is your partner for Containment Solutions and Powder GranulationTechnologies.

Serving the Pharmaceutical, BioTech, Agro-chemical, Phyto-pharmaceutical, Chemical and NanoTech industries, DG Pro-Tec combines world class technologies, expert process advice and experience to help optimizing the most specialized processes.

For Containment Solutions, Flow Sciences and ILC Dover, DoverPac have been selected, as world leader in the field.

Wet Granulation of Powders by means of Low Pressure Extrusion: Dome-extruders, Radial extruders, Frontal extruder or Basket extrusion technology by Fuji Paudal (Dalton Corporation).

Low Pressure Extrusion - Granulation
A wet extrusion (granulation) process By shaping fine powders into granules process problems – dust, flow properties, solubility and segregation – are avoided. Low Pressure Extrusion -Speronizing can solve many problems encountered in dry granulation;
Ref. Wet Granulation Examples
Flow Sciences
Flow Sciences is focused on achieving the following goals for all of its enclosures: maximized containment and ergonomic ease of usecombined in proven, documented, yet flexible design. DG Pro-Tec together with the Flow Sciences' team, is committed to finding containment solutions that meet your needs.
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ILC Dover
The DoverPac® system provides high levels of reliable containment during charging and offloading DoverPacs® is standard available from 20 to 2000 litre. Custom sizes are also available.
Ref. ILC Dover